Welcome to my electronic playground

This website is my electronic playground and just like any plumber whose house has leaky faucets, this site is badly neglected as I spend all my time tweaking client pages, scouring the net for new technologies, watching war movies or avoiding any and all household duties.
If you got here from looking at my business card you are probably asking why the domain name chosen is manitoulinislandindex.com - the reason is I wanted to call it that. Manitoulin Island is a given because that is where I am. Index denotes the fact that I wanted this to be more than just a web design company vying for your business. My motive is to unite all the information pertaining to Manitoulin onto one site - it's as simple as that.
So if you got here through a search engine looking to find out about my fair island, I hope you'll find what you are looking for.

Manitoulin Island

A little Background

If you click the picture to the right you will see where my involvement in web design began. That was a long time ago and my abilities evolved. Another thing that happened was I managed to retire from that line of work I was in without too many physical scars - the mental scars were many and I still wear them. Retirement saw me packing up and moving to beautiful Manitoulin Island, at the very top of Ontario's Great Lakes. It is often referred to as "the jewel of the great lakes". And very rightly so - I love this place and believe me when I say, "You can keep the hustle and bustle of Southern Ontario."

My name is Pat Keenan, but my computer name is POKO - something I've been called since I started in computer operations several decades ago. POKO on Your Desktop evolved years later when I first got into desktop computers.

Manitoulin Island Web Design does more than just set you up with a web presence. If you have a problem with your computer we can have a look at it and quite possibly save you a lot of money in repairing it. If you have a virus or suspect one you really need to deal with it before you spread the virus or your computer becomes totally inoperable. We can help you set up a strong defence against malware entering your computer and ensure your files are not compromised. Advanced users can use this guideline to secure their computer - if you are unsure, we can do it for you.

I've decided not to utilize Remote Maintenance so just give me a call (705 282-2900) and drop off your computer - you'll be back on the internet in no time.

Need Help With WindowsXP ?

Need Help With WindowsXP If you are new to Windows XP you might find these tips of interest. It is geared for newbies.

Manitoulin Island

The map you see to the left is of Manitoulin Island, situated at the top of N. America's Great Lakes. Google Maps allows you a better pespective. If you are into any form of water-related activities this is the place to visit. If you'd like a place to just plop down and watch the grass grow and/or smell the coffee - this is it! We are officially known to be in Canada's Mid North, but we're just close enough to larger communities to make us special. Plan to come - you will be tempted to move here and escape the lifestyle that presently makes you age twice as fast.

POKO on Your Desktop

POKO on Your Desktop

If your computer is running the Windows XP operating system you need to upgrade before April 2014. At that time Microsoft will no longer support XP and you will be insecure if hooked up to the internet. Contact me and we can determine if your machine is capable of updating to Windows 7.

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